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Bar Sink Features A Nautilus Shell Shaped Cavity Basin

Want your home’s bar to be wet?

The compact style of this ammonite bar sink and faucet by High Tech Design Products features a nautilus shell shaped cavity basin. Ammonites are actually related to nautilus a.k.a cephalopods which also includes the octopus, squid and cuttlefish species in their predatory group.

The water flow spirals around the fossil impression formed in the sink’s bowl and adds a functional nautical decor element to the interior design of your bar. Look closely though and you’ll see what looks like another sea creature formed by the water as it snakes it way over the humps and bumps in the sink’s sea shell and down towards the drain. See the snake’s head where the faucet stream splashes down followed by the serpentine tail twisting in a circle?

Molded into concrete, the sink basin’s inverse shell cavity location is flexible and accommodates a variety of counter top styles and faucet designs for flexible integration. The nautilus sink would be a nice complement to seashell chair.

Some seashells by the seashore art and a bamboo bar cart would go great too.

More Wet Bar Sinks And Faucets

  • Golden Ratio - spouts geometric plumbing inspired by the ballet.
  • River Basin - channels water downstream past ice pebbles forming a babbling brook.

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