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Whoa Nellie! A Bar Room Baseball Glove Chair

Baseball glove chair.

Or as Bob Uecker might say, its “just a bit outside” .. the mainstream that is.  With your sports themed bar room outfitted with this swivel lounger you may never say “take me out to the ball game” again.  Honey, lets just bring home the peanuts and Cracker Jack instead.

However, this creative masterpiece was brought to our attention by a pair of interior designers with a sense of humor who tackle ‘fugly’ design and home decor on a daily basis.  Their description of this baseball glove chair as ‘fugly’ ( most likely a portmanteau word combination of a colorful adjective starting with the letter ‘ f ’ and ‘ugly’ ) may very well sum up the female perspective.

Of course, a man’s home is his castle after all.  The married translation usually means only being able to do anything you want with the basement and the garage.  If you decide to sport this style furniture in your home bar design don’t be surprised to be spending time drinking baseball themed cocktails alone or with just the guys in your man cave, literally.

So, do you want that sports theme “in your face”, like a baseball coach kicking dirt at the umpire, or more low key in a way that highlights a handcrafted pub you can both enjoy?

(source: moggit girls)

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