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  Barina Craft artisan home bar furniture.

Home Bars Come Back As Popular Entertaining Option

Mystique nautical home bar by Barina Craft.

Cocktail Hours Are Fun

Home bars are gaining popularity as an alternate to going out to bars and nightclubs for a variety of reasons. Controlling the guest list, setting the atmosphere and party theme, a change of pace, extra storage, traffic removed from the kitchen and simple convenience are all among the many benefits. In fashion in the 1920s & 30s, 50s & 60s and other trends, the hit series Mad Men has reminded many of the glamor and fun of hosting parties.

Home bar furniture is an investment in entertainment, may add resale value to your home and is back in vogue in a big way.

Home Bars Making A Comeback

“First popular during Prohibition, when liquor was often stored out of sight, the home bar has re-emerged alongside the classic cocktail as a staple of domestic entertaining.” ~ The Observer

Ain’t Life Grand?

“The return of the home bar, which evokes the grand days of the 1920s and ’30s, when people dined in black tie and removed themselves for after drinks .. is part of the general zeitgeist. Salon life has returned, dressing up is back, as is sitting down with a stiff drink poured elegantly from a decanter into a crystal tumbler. After years of casual dining in the kitchen, we all long for something different.” ~ Wall Street Journal

The Home Bar Is Pure Guilty Pleasure

“No other piece of furniture is so unquestionably naff yet, at the same time, so deliciously decadent. Once branded a trophy of the nouveau rich, the home bar is making a comeback in all its retro splendor” ~ Financial Times

Hippies Killed Those Wet Bars In The 1960s

Says David M. Weisbrod, an agent with White Realty and former food and beverage director for Hyatt hotels. “The demise of wet bars as a prime amenity in middle-class homes may have been a result of lifestyle changes rather than a decrease in popularity in alcohol.”

“People today are looking for ways to cut corners and save money. If you can watch the game on your big-screen TV beside your own home bar, that’s cost-efficient living.” ~ James Matarazzo Jr., a broker at John Young Realtors

In luxury homes, amenities usually include a wet bar, but not always in the basement. “People haven’t stopped drinking, but they are more likely to do it upstairs.” ~ Laurence E. Parisi, New Jersey chapter president of the American Institute for Architects via NY Times

Fewer Home Bars Is NOT The Fault Of Our Nation’s Greatest Generation

Possibly inspired by prohibition era speakeasies, World War II veterans returned home and “ushered in an era of social drinking the likes of which hadn’t been seen since ancient Greece.”

Home Bar Fun Facts via Estately:

  • Philly is home to where the bar is. Ranked with the highest percentage of all cities analyzed.
  • Warmer climates tend more toward opulent and/or outdoor bars.
  • Colder region saloons steer smaller and sub-surface.
  • East coast pubs house lots of wood paneling.
  • West coast home bars have more wine cellars up north, fewer kegerators by the bay and cool pool tables in L.A.

Do you have a bar in your home?

The Mystique nautical home bar by Barina Craft featured above is constructed from steam bent solid mahogany, teak & holly decking, and other hardwoods. Design was inspired by classic wooden runabout boats and is handcrafted in the USA.

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