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Mr. Boston Official Bartender & Cocktails Guide Book

Mr. Boston Official Bartender's & Party Guide book.

Every home bar owner should keep at least one bartending book handy to reference cocktail recipes. The go to source since shortly after prohibition was repealed has been the Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s Guide with more than 1500 drink recipes, bar tools and mixing techniques.

“With repeal came the inevitable avalanche of cocktail books, most of them published without regard to accuracy or completeness. A survey proved the need for a cocktail book that would be authentic and accurate.” ~ Leo Cotton ( Old Mr. Boston’s first editor ). Originally printed in 1935, this classic bartending manual has sold over 11 million copies through 67 editions and counting.

The renaissance of home bars and the increasing popularity of cocktails have both transformed entertaining. Mixology is embracing its culinary roots and understanding flavor combinations has drinks becoming driven more by flavor than by spirits. Along with all the classic recipes, there are hundreds of new versions with tips and advice contributed by renowned bartenders, bar chefs and mixologists over the years. This compact guide book is considered by many to have set the standard and can be stored nearly anywhere for easy access to satisfy most drink requests and party themes.

Learning to properly mix drinks during smaller sized parties will enhance the enjoyment of a bar in your home and many of the techniques will entertain your guests as well. Order Mr. Boston’s Cocktail Recipe Book in either classic, special 75th Anniversary or spiral bound Platinum Editions for yourself and as self serving gifts for your friends bars.

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