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Porthole Pitcher Pours View of Infused Cocktails Recipe Ingredients

Porthole pitcher with a tequila ginger apricot cocktail infusion.

Porthole Pitcher Lets You See Inside Your Drink Infusion

Nautical inspiration gives birth to a cocktail infusion vessel with a window into the taste of the drink’s recipe ingredients. “The idea for The Porthole was born after a few, late night conversations between chefs at a local Chicago cocktail bar The Aviary. They were after a custom-made vessel that would emphasize the transformation of a liquid as it was steeped in flavors.” ~ Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail Design Studio

The Porthole is a cylindrical pitcher with removable glass covers providing a view into the cocktail ingredients. Small whole pods and sections of fruits, vegetables and herbs can be arranged inside the container in endless artistic arrangements. These natural botanicals are then bathed in steeping liquids to create cocktails, coffee, dressings, punches, mulled wines or teas. Imagine infinite interesting infusions inside including “thyme in a bottle”.

The pitcher pours thirteen fluid ounces ( 390ml ) total capacity and is made from food grade plastic, stainless steel and tempered low iron glass panes. A single screw allows opening the container for culinary creation and convenient cleaning.

Porthole Pitched To Crowds Of Cocktail Enthusiasts

After being featured on the cover of Food Arts and in numerous other magazines along with word of mouth from Chicago patrons, the Porthole was enthusiastically crowd source funded through Kickstarter. Some true Chicago Cocktail enthusiasts even spent the day working with the Aviary chefs behind the bar learning recipes and techniques as well as bringing home two designer autographed portholes. If you want the Porthole to grace the cover of your home bar as functional glassware decor, advance orders can be placed here where you’ll find additional details on pricing and product features as well.

For a pocket sized pitcher with a window into spirits that have already been infused see the porthole flask.

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