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Collectible Cocktail Shakers | Vintage Barware Arm Leg Butt Workout

Vintage cocktail shakers shaped like a dumbbell, rooster & lady's leg.

Vintage barware like the Manhattan cocktail set adds a highly prized and extremely valuable display to your home bar. If these three cocktail shakers are part of the collection you’ll also get the total body workout mixing drinks with them .. literally and figuratively. Arm, butt and leg exercises for curling dumbbells, strutting your cock-tail feathers and shaking a leg are included with this trio of tipple tools.

The image above was included in the invitation to the First International Symposium* of Cocktail Shaker Collectors in conjunction with the 2008 Tales of the Cocktail event held in New Orleans, LA. Stephen Visakay, author of Vintage Bar Ware Identification & Value Guide book, moderated the discussion of shaker history, how and where to find collectibles along with care, cleaning and related topics. A left to right summary of the three above follows.

Dumbbell, Rooster & Lady Leg Cocktail Shakers:

  • Cobalt blue ribbed glass dumbbell with sterling silver trim. Set includes two cocktail cups. Shaker dimensions 13” tall x 4” diameter. West Virginia Specialty Glass Co. circa 1935 ~ $650 to $750.
  • Silver plated rooster with hand hammered metal body. Tongue unscrews on head to reveal spout. Cock-tail feathers curl over to form a handle. Shaker is 14 1/2” tall. Wallace Brothers circa 1928 ~ $3,800 to $4,400.
  • Ruby red glass lady’s leg with chrome top and removable high heeled slipper (chrome items manufactured by Derby Shelton Silver Co. of CT). “Shake a leg” dimensions 15 1/2” tall x 3 1/2” diameter at the calf. West Virginia Specialty Glass Co. circa 1939 ~ $1,800 to $2,300.

* - in ancient Greece, the symposium was a drinking party where food & wine were served and entertainment was provided.

† - descriptions & valuations via 2000 edition of Vintage Bar Ware. Other colors and specialty designs for some of these models are also listed in the book including etched patterns and artwork for the 1939 World’s Fair in New York.

Cabaret girls dancing to big band jazz.

Shake, shake, shake! These ladies from that bygone era are also getting a workout, butt shaking something different than cocktails.

(photo, gif: coldgrease via animbibinggentleman, notesonaparty)

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