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Vintage Console Televisions Converted To Liquor Cabinet Home Bars

Retro TV console conversion to liquor cabinet style home bar.

Those vintage televisions from the golden age of broadcasting gave us all a lot of fond memories. Seems fitting that we let them keep on entertaining us for as long as possible and a great way to do that is re-purposed as a liquor cabinet / home bar.

Vintage TV re-purposed into a home bar.

That retro style nuanced in nostalgia would be hard to find in modern furniture pieces. Old TV cabinet details add a big plus to the pro side of the make over equation and any cons associated with the salvage recovery transformation will be well worth the effort in wow factor.

Liquor cabinet retrofitted from vintage TV.The normally negative aspect of classic televisions are the size of the boob tube itself, but when converting them into home bars the massive cabinets are nice and roomy for stocking liquor bottles, glasses and barware. Two of the units shown actually have enough head room inside to have three rows of storage display shelving which increase in height from front to back.

Old console TV converted into a bar cabinet.Depending on the actual size, a large TV console conversion to liquor cabinet could yield a home bar with storage capacity for 10-16 bottles of your favorite spirits based on the ones illustrated here. As an example, a 12” vertical inner height will normally be required for a single row of bottles which translates into an approximately 20” diagonal screen measurement needed as a minimum when sizing for reclamation.

Bigger is better though. If you’re lucky enough to find an old TV through estate sales, antique shops or flea markets that fills the bill, then adding a tiered shelving set up inside the cavity of your newly re-purposed liquor cabinet lets you display your stock like its a back bar so they’re easy to find and retrieve.

If you’re able to position near electrical outlets*, a cord of lights adds a nice highlight to the inside. Now all you need are some accessories to match the period. Vintage bar ware, tools and guides like the Manhattan cocktail set, specialty shakers, classic bartending pamphlets and collectible serving trays will accent nicely.

A refashioned vintage television converted to a home bar would be a perfect addition to an old rec room theme. Your recycled telly would fit right in with old soda machines and juke boxes as well. Be sure to leave all the old knobs and hardware installed on the outside to complete the look.

* - Warning: be careful around electricity. Hire a professional electrician to handle wiring to assure safety and meet required codes.

(photos: imbibing gentleman, mixing america, now defunct thespottedfox.com/diy-projects/before-after-vintage-tv-bar & apartment therapy)

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