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Thanksgiving Drinks Recipes - Holiday Cocktails & Wine Pairings

Cornucopia of Thanksgiving cocktails & holiday themed drinks.

The Thanksgiving holidays celebrate the fall harvest by pairing friends and family together with foods and drinks to match the occasion Traditional festivities have evolved from the pilgrim’s thanks giving feast and religious observations to also being a day of rest as an official holiday which for many includes watching a parade or a pair of football games while a gluttonous gathering of guests gorges on grub.

If your home is hosting the holidays, this selection of Thanksgiving cocktails and themed drinks should get the party started. Review the recipes ahead of time, make a list to match your plans and be sure to follow this excellent advice:

“Stock up on all the essentials for a complete bar. A well stocked liquor cabinet is a good host’s secret weapon.” ~ Martha Stewart

Thanksgiving Cocktails

Jack-O-Lantern apple, pumpkin & maple syrup cocktail.Jack-O-Lantern - the triple flavors of apple, pumpkin and maple syrup make this delicious drink a taste trifecta perfect for all three of the fall / winter holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bourbon whiskey made from corn spirits make this a-maize-ing autumn cocktail recipe more than just a carving.

Jack Rose applejack Thanksgiving drink.Jack Rose - a gangster’s favorite Thanksgiving cocktail. Made with apple brandy which dates back to the Pilgrims makes this drink allegedly named after the infamous hitman a traditional Thanksgiving tipple with roots in colonial civilization along with a twist in the early 1900s crime of the century.

Thanksgiving pumpkin martini.Thanksgiving Martini Drinks - apple, cranberry, onion and pumpkin cocktails drink up the flavors of fall. Fruits and vegetables mix in the holiday harvest by cooking up cocktails which pair the tastes of the table with matching drinks. The onion-tini or gibson is the closest to the classic martini recipe.

Roasted pumpkin Thanksgiving cocktail.Tipsy Turkey Thanksgiving Cocktail - if you’re roasting pumpkin for your holiday feast, this recipe will be a nice after Thanksgiving dinner drink. Get going on the gourds early or set some squash aside to start cooling before serving. Once cold, your muddler will squash the gourd into a potent pumpkin punch.

More Thanksgiving Drinks:

Pairing Thanksgiving Drinks With Holiday Foods

Recipes for Food & Drink Pairing:

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