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Great Home Bars - A Collection Of Amazing Designs

Straight home bar top with kitchen cabinet backbar.

This collection of home bar collections presents an assortment of compilations for quick and easy reference to a wide array of design ideas you can draw on for inspiration for your own personal pub. Many of these lists are photo sets with only a brief description or caption with each image. A summary of each grouping highlights some of the details with links to the overall selection along with a few of the individual or similar bar designs which have been reviewed in greater depth here by Barina Craft.

The image above showcases one that’s on the house in a tour of home bars at Houzz. Notable is the kitchen cabinet look and feel to the backbar. All the shelving is enclosed behind doors except for the main rear bartop. This lower counter shelf is narrow with just enough overlap to cover the cabinets down below. Plenty of room for storage and display, but not really wide enough for the sink and faucet which is located in the main serving area.

Other designs assembled in this real estate listing of sorts include a pass through style with ornately framed facade in a molding surround, a combination workstation and entertainment unit, a butler’s pantry style refreshment station, a sideboard with beverage service, a portable wine chiller nook and more.

Nautical boat bar with captain's stools & ship's wheel on a yacht.Next up for review is this compilation of
10 Great Home Bars presented by Architectural Digest magazine. “Bars are my favorites! I almost always include an antique bar in a home,” says interior designer Penny Drue Baird. Along with the nautical themed boat bar which is actually aboard a yacht, there are two multifunction library bar rooms, a southwestern saloon and you can compare the pubs of celebrities Jennifer Anniston and George Harrison to Jeremy Renner’s home bar to see which one of their designs you like better.

Double angled home bar in corner room layout.40 Inspirational Home Bar Design Ideas for a stylish modern home by Decoist features a selection of 38 full size designs with stools or chairs built into the layout. The other two have table seating off to the side. Materials, styles and shapes run the gamut from brick, stone and wood with both modern and traditional elements combined into an array of straight, curved, angled and l-shaped arrangements built in the open, along a wall or into the corner of a room. One house has the largest curved corner bar outside of a restaurant or nightclub you might ever see.

Retro home bar in silver metal & red accent barstool cushions.These 25 Truly Amazing Home Bar Designs on display at Shelterness showcase about 1/3 of the grouping as full size units with barstool seating and the rest of the the collection is a variety of mid and small size cabinets and even a few carts and serving trays. The silver and red model in the thumbnail is retro and reminiscent of this multicolored metal rec room bar. The first one featured in this set is kind of an enigma though. This wanna be fancy bar in a plain brown wrapper doesn’t look like much fun, but you’ll have to be the judge.

Be sure to review the tagged home bar collection here on this site as well.

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