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Home Bar Ideas From Hong Kong Hotel - Hidden Sky High Up In Ozone

Futuristic Ozone Bar with Star Trek like columns & interior design.

Hong Kong Home To Highest Hotel Bar

Hovering 118 stories off the ground, the Ozone bar calls the top floor of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong home. As of 2013, its the tallest hotel in the world, making this pub’s perch at the peak of the pacific, some 1,608 feet or 490 meters sky high above sea level overlooking Victoria Harbor.

Hotel Has Home Bar Ideas Hidden Inside

Big budget bar projects in hotels and nightclubs can be a great source of ideas to adapt and scale down to residential restrictions. Similar to reviewing the International Bar & Restaurant Design Awards in 2011 and 2012, a closer look through the rarefied air inside the Ozone may give some divine inspiration you can bring down from the heavens for your own at home bar.

Some have called this ultra modern interior design futuristic and almost Star Trek like. The shape of the support columns probably had a lot to do with that analogy. While its certainly very contemporary in almost every aspect, the polished stone floor has a marble inlay design which looks sort of like landscaping pavers giving it an earthy feel too.

Ozone back bar shelving is honeycomb stone paving pockets.

Polished Pub Paves The Way For Pocket Presentation

This random paver stone pattern, minus the stones, is carried up the walls and onto the ceiling where the would be grout lines form cubby hole pockets in the back bar and a honeycomb grid overhead. With glass windows behind the storage and display presentation framework, its hard not to make a comparison to another Chinese landmark, their National Aquatics Center. The “water cube” from the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China while lit up at night has a similar reflective design outline as the Ozone does from behind the bar.

Crisp geometric design lines extend to the actual bar as well. Stone facing with few right angles. And finally to round out square up the finishing details, the bar stools have legs resembling Washington Monument style obelisks. These furniture pedestals form a gold jewel setting for the faceted black diamond / gem style seat mounting, possibly a cushion cut [sic].

Turn Fiction Into Your Future Home Bar

Many, if not all, of these features could be added to your in home bar with some advance planning, material substitutions and creativity. In fact, a marble bar top and gold colored stool pedestals are incorporated into this Manhattan apartment.

If this style is in your future, you may want to present some float glassware and Star Trek drinks to pair with the panache of your polished pub. Might have to consider substituting some Death Star planet ice balls for the frozen water cubes too.


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