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Top 7 Reasons Why The Best Home Bar Design Is A Corner Layout

Corner home bar layout with three panel backbar & dual televisions.

Are Corner Home Bar Layouts The Best Design?

Depending on how you define an at home bar, along with your entertainment goals and most likely the floor-plan restrictions of your house, choosing a layout is usually the starting point and maybe the biggest decision you’ll face with your personal pub. Design styles, material choices, overall scale (many times driven by the number of seating positions desired), budget and a host of other features and amenities can all be adapted into that first form factor once decided.

A number of generic interior design options are generally available to most. However, if other aspects will allow, the corner home bar layout offers a number of advantages that the straight, standalone and other floor plan designs do not which should be considered when weighing your decision on what’s best.

Keep in mind that your contractor can install a freestanding main bar unit in front of built in carpentry work and form a corner layout arrangement on site by anchoring it to the floor. This option is desirable where a significant amount of specialized craftsmanship makes it not practical, cost effective or beyond the capabilities of a single vendor. Only a minimal amount of coordination would be required to match woods, stain color and molding patterns during the initial design phase if you take this route.

Top 7 Reasons Why Corner Layouts May Be The Best Home Bar Designs:

  1. Bar tends to the party and the pub
  2. Not a bad seat in the house
  3. Ergonomic elixir engineering
  4. Maximum features, minimum footprint
  5. Possibilities equal personality
  6. Compatible construction
  7. Scale size to suit

Basement bar wraps around stairwell & support column in corner design.

Host Your Party - Don’t Just Tend Bar

As the master of ceremonies, you can see the whole party and all of your guests depending on the other features of the room or at least see more than many other layout designs while you’re bartending. If you own your own home bar and are not catering the party, the barback is you as well.

This center of attention corner arrangement is great for making announcements, coordinating surprises, being social and just keeping on eye out to make sure everyone is having a good time. You won’t necessarily be tied down behind the bar all night or all party long, especially if you have self-service taps supplied by a beer kegerator or are serving drinks by the pitcher, but you’ll probably be there a lot.

Best Seats In The House - Standing Room Only Still Has A Good View

Patrons at your pub can see the whole backbar area, normally built as two units at 90 degrees along the wall intersection, as well as a great view of a corner mounted television. You also have the option of multiple TVs with good visibility for showing two or more different games if its a sports themed party for example.

Add in a curved or angled bar top which is the best home bar design for conversation and you will have cornered the market on a perfect entertainment center (or at least your neighborhood). Once word gets out, your usual guest list of family, friends and neighbors will be joined by people who suddenly want to be your new BFF and probably a few party crashers too.

Time Saving Tipple Techniques

The bartender (most likely that’s you) has everything within reach usually by turning around between the main bar and the back bar with little walking back and forth, depending on overall size. Pretty handy and a real time saver for large parties.

This corner design advantage probably shouldn’t rank too high on your priority list though. Its best to limit the size of the drinks menu anyway so preparation isn’t overwhelming and if it is you doing the bartending, you want some time to party yourself and not just be mixing cocktails for everyone else the whole time. See reason #1.

Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend - Pass It Over To Me

Corner home bar with white high back stool chairs.A home bar built into a corner is an efficient use of space. This layout uses the minimum area for the same features as a straight bar for example, where much of the aisle behind the bar is not needed in a corner arrangement.

For those of you actually reading why the best home bar design is a corner layout and not just looking at the pictures, the subtitle is in reference to needlessly monopolizing extra area in your house that could be used elsewhere. Not what the Easy Rider soundtrack lyrics or the later Little Feat cover song on The Last Record Album were referring to (whatever that was).

Options Open Up Opportunity For Best Bar Design For You & Your Home

Backbar cuts corner with double angle bartop & wood spindle swivel stool chairs.Corners have lots of additional design options available and extra possibility equals more personality. Take the backbar for example.

Multiple panel and shelf units can be incorporated including cutting the corner straight across or following the angle and endless combinations in between. Seating arrangements, cabinets, amenities, decor and appliances all have more opportunity to be incorporated into what is the best home bar design for you and your entertaining goals. Why limit your choices if this accommodating style can be worked into your plans?

Two Is Better Than One - Don’t Get Designed Into A Corner

Using two walls may offer more flexibility for utility runs such as electricity and water. In cold climates for example, you do not want to run water lines and plumbing in outside walls due to the potential for freezing pipes which may then burst causing water damage. Unless your home bar corners along two outside perimeter walls, you will have insurance on at least one interior wall in your house being available for use for safe utility servicing as opposed to being forced to route utilities thru floor joists.

Possibly the smallest & largest corner home bar design layouts.

Handles Tight Corners On A Grand Scale

Corner floor plan layouts can be scaled while maintaining most if not all of these advantages. Getting larger reduces the space efficiency and adds more walking for your home bar tender, but also opens up more design possibilities elsewhere. A thumbnail of one of the smallest home bars is inset in the picture of one of the largest home bars, both corner layout designs. At approximately 1.5m x 1.5m, the smallest bar is roughly the size of one of the chairs seated at the largest bar and serves as a dramatic visual comparison of the range of sizes possible.

So, is the corner layout the best home bar design for you?

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