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Christopher Walken Impressions By Cast Of SNL At Family Reunion

Walken Family Reunion at Sweetwaters Steak House Bar & Grill

The cast of Saturday Night Live* walks into a bar and does Christopher Walken impressions as his relatives at their family reunion. The 2008 comedy sketch “Meet The Family” features several members of the SNL cast who portray the in-laws seeming to do impressions of him.

They’re not really impersonating Christopher Walken though. They just walk, talk and even look like him complete with pompadour hairdos because they all grew up together back home.

The skit starts out with Christopher portraying himself as the first one to show up at the Walken family reunion held at Sweetwaters Steak House. Standing in the middle of the barroom in a sea of red and white checkered tablecloths, the bartender brings him a drink (whiskey on the rocks?). Then the other relatives arrive at the bar to say hi and start reminiscing.

Christopher Walken Impressions by Eight SNL Cast (family) Members  »  plus a BONUS by Tina Fey Below ↓

B: Here’s your drink and enjoy the reunion.
C: Thank you.

S: Christopher, I can’t believe you made it.
C: Is that you, Stanley, how’s about you? Long time no see. Big hug.

S: Hey, big hug. Wow!
C: Wow, when’s the last time I saw you Stanley?

S: My brother John’s wedding, fifteen years ago. C: That wedding was so nuts, I recall we stole the ice sculpture. I wonder what happened to it?

S: I don’t know, it probably melted.
C: Makes sense.

S: Speak of the devil. There’s John.
J: Hey Christopher, Wow!

C: John, is that you or do my eyes deceive me?
J: Its really me. Do you remember my kids, Maxine and Scott?

C: Look how big you guys are getting. Maxine, what’s your doll’s name?
M: My doll’s name is Jenny. She’s a good doll, but she doesn’t like ghosts. And Neither do I. Ghosts scare me and I’m pretty sure one is living under my bed.

C: I promise you darling, there’s no ghosts around here, so you’re safe.
M: That’s good because I hate ghosts. They’re spooky and I don’t respond well to spooky behavior.

C: Me too. I’m with you one hundred and ten percent. How are you Scott?
SC: I’m not good. Everyone in my school is a phony. I want to be skateboarding and listening to my iPod, not at some ridiculous family reunion.

J: Scott! Behave yourself.
C: Its OK. Scott, I appreciate your situation. For a Walken, adolescence is a difficult time. You feel like you’re the only normal person in a school full of nut jobs. Am I right?

SC: Wow! Its like you’re looking right into my noggin.
C: Maybe this joke will cheer you up. What’s the difference between this place and an elephant fart?

SC: What?
C: This place is a bar room. An elephant fart is a baroom.

C: Do your homework. Eat your Wheaties Everything will be copacetic. Is that Nathan?
J: Kids go get a drink. Christopher you should know. He came out of the closet and he’s a completely different person now. Very flamboyant.

C: Who would have thought such a thing? Nathan, how you doin?
N: I’m good. As you may have heard. I recently came out of the closet.

C: I heard. I can see you’re very flamboyant now.
N: Its true. I always felt like I had to pretend in order to fit into the family. But now! that I’m finally myself I’m getting along with them better than ever.

C: The Walkens are a tolerant tribe.
N: Two snaps on that girlfriend. I’m goin to go refill my cosmo.
C: You go guy. Go.

UR: Wow, if it isn’t mister Hollywood coming home to grace us with his presence. Wow!
AM: Richard, please don’t be hard on Christopher.

C: Don’t worry. I know he’s just joshing me Aunt Martha.
AM: By the way. We finally saw The Deer Hunter. That movie was hilarious.

UR: Hilarious. Hilarious.
C: Thank you, it was good for me too.

AM: Oleki, come over here. Christopher, this is Oleki. He’s our foreign exchange student from Nigeria who’s been living with us.
UR: When Oleki moved in, he didn’t speak any English.

O: Its amazing. Two months with them and now I talk just like a normal American teenage boy. Wow!
AM: Wow is right.

C: There’s no greater thrill on earth than meeting a Walken for the first time.
UR: Let’s all go over to the bar and get a drink.

C: Everything in moderation. You driving?
UR: Driving? No, I’m Walken :D

Remember the party doesn’t start til your family, friends and other guests ‘walken' to your home bar. Do any of your in-laws leave a lasting impression?

* - Saturday Night Live Cast Of Characters (comedian - relationship / name portrayed - symbol):

  • Christopher Walken - himself - C
  • Will Forte - not related / bartender , no impersonation - B
  • Bill Hader - cousin Stanley - S
  • Jason Sudeikis - cousin John - J
  • Amy Poehler - John’s daughter Maxine - M
  • Adam Sandberg - John’s son Scott - SC
  • Fred Armisen - relative Nathan - N
  • Darrell Hammond - Uncle Richard - UR
  • Kristen Wiig - Aunt Martha - AM
  • Kenan Thompson - foreign exchange student Oleki - O

† - notably absent is former SNL cast member Tina Fey who was too busy doing impressions of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and portraying night cheese eating Liz Lemon on 30 Rock to be impersonating Christopher Walken along with her fellow comedians live from New York. However, Liz Lemon does do her own Christopher Walken impression on 30 Rock which kind of keeps it in all in the SNL family. See video below.

Liz Lemon Does An Impression Of Christopher Walken

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