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Fuzzy Navel Cocktail - Like Totally A 1980s Novelty Drink

Fuzzy Navel cocktail with orange slice & cherry garnish.

The Fuzzy Navel cocktail blends the two fruit flavors from peach schnapps and orange juice together into a simple drink. Not quite as boozy as its breakfast brunch brethren, the Screwdriver, which mixes vodka and oj. However, things do get hairy when you combine both of these two drinks as listed below.

The name is a word play on peach fuzz and orange navels although some say it suggests something a bit sexier. The history of this cocktail dates back to its heyday in the 1980s, however the origin is in dispute as a couple of cocktail creators* are claiming credit for this combination of fuzzy peaches and navel oranges.

Fuzzy Navel Cocktail Drink:

  • 3 oz  peach flavored schnapps
  • 3 oz  orange juice

Pour the schnapps into a highball or Collins glass with ice. Use your citrus juicer to fresh squeeze enough oranges to top off your drink(s). Garnish with a wedge or slice of fruit and optional cherry.

Being easy to make and fun to drink insures a home on the menu behind your bar for this silly sounding sip. At least when you want a cupful of good humor to go with your mimosas, that is.

The navel is more novel than marvel, but great for a Shrek the Third movie trivia tipple or a 1980s themed party recipe. Like totally.

Similar Peach Schnapps Drinks & Variations Of The Fuzzy Navel Cocktail:

  • Fuzzy Pucker - replaces the sweeter orange juice with the more sour grapefruit juice instead.
  • Hairy Navel - grows some hair on your fuzz by adding vodka for a stiffer drink.
  • Sex On The Beach - pairs a Fuzzy Navel with a Cape Cod; or just add cranberry juice to a hairy navel.
  • Woo Woo - vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.

* - Ray Foley, the author of Bartending for Dummies and founder of Bartender Magazine, lists the Fuzzy Navel, Water Lilly, Envy and 16 others on his site as just a few of the drinks he’s responsible for naming or creating over the course of his career. The counterclaim credits Jack Sherman for inventing the drink in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Wagon Tongue Bar, while working as a distributor for Phillips & Sons Liquor.

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