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Champagne Christens Wooden Boat Inspired Nautical Bar Ware Set

Black Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut 1998 By Riva Cruiser Bag.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Teams Up With Riva Yachts For Cruiser Collection

If you love collecting vintage barware, wine and champagne, here’s your chance to possibly add some nautically themed limited edition and custom items which are soon to become classics. Veuve Cliquot, the premium champagne brand who pioneered advancements in the methode champenoise using remuage and other techniques; and Riva, the luxury yacht builder also famous for their wooden runabout boats, teamed together for their Cruiser Collection of coolers and accessories.

All of the designs featured Veuve Clicquot’s coveted La Grande Dame champagne in various quantities and mahogany & sycomore pin-striping to highlight Riva’s iconic woody motorboats. As of this writing, their current availability is a mixture of limited, waiting list, made to order and discontinued. You’ll need to verify specific details with the individual supplier and those items already sold out may turn up on eBay, Craigslist or auction houses for bidding.

White Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut 1998 By Riva Cruiser Bag.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut 1998 By Riva Cruiser Bag

The Cruiser Bag is a portable carrying case containing one 750ml bottle of La Grande Dame Brut champagne by Veuve Cliquot and two tulip style drinking glasses. This bar in a briefcase of sorts is handcrafted from mahogany hardwood with a white finish and detailed with silver trim, handles and catch along with embossed leather accents and form fitting compartments inside.

The “boat deck” on top of the hinged lid should match or be very similar to the nautical mahogany & sycamore inlay design pictured in the black model above, although an image isn’t provided to confirm. Limited editions of this chic cruiser bag were reported to have an original 300 piece offering and listed at $425. Currently out of stock as of this writing, however waiting list notification is available and prices are subject to change.

Wooden boat champagne cooler.

La Grande Dame Champagne Cooler by Riva - Hulls A Bottle Hold

If you’re a fan of wooden boats, the La Grande Dame Champagne Cooler by Riva is a novel nautical ice bucket which will showcase your love of these handcrafted vessels. Design inspiration clearly comes from their classic runabouts. Question is bow or stern?

With the exception of specialty craft, the bow of nearly all boats comes to a point to part the water. So this design could be interpreted as the front deck with the steel bottle well recessed into the mahogany & sycamore surface and the spray rails wrapped around the bow forming a handle.

However, most bow decks do not slope down, but many sterns do in a variety of designs including angled to barrel backs and everything in between. Many hulls also come to a point in the rear and its not too hard to imagine the champagne cooler cavity being the third section of a triple cockpit.

Weather or knot [sic] you visualize fore or aft, there is no mistaking the nautical theme of this sleek black and gold design. Perfect for chilling Veuve Clicquot champagne on land or at sea.

Champagne Cooler Dimensions & Specifications:

  • Height: 10.8in [26 cm]
  • Width: 13 in [33 cm]
  • Depth: 11 in [28 cm]
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs [2.2 kg]
  • Construction Materials: metal, wood and acrylic

This woody boat ice bucket is a beautiful bottle well that will have your home all decked out. Get a nautical champagne cooler for your bar here.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame by Riva Cruising Trunk.

Cruising Trunk Houses Champagne Bar

The crown jewel of the cruise collection is the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame by Riva Cabin Bar. This custom cruising trunk is made-to-order and originally listed at $80,000 in 2008. It epitomizes the La Dolce Vita lifestyle on the Italian Riviera made famous by the 1960s film of the same name and popular movie stars like Brigitte Bardot, Richard Burton & Sophia Loren who have owned classic wooden runabout boats.

La Dolce Vita translates to “the sweet life”, full of pleasure and indulgence, which certainly describes the La Grande Dame champagne bar. The traveler’s chest is loaded with treasure and nautically inspired.

Equipped for an elegant dinner and drinks cruise, the trunk comes complete with two 1.5 liter magnums (1988) and four 0.75 liter bottles (1998) of Veuve Clicquot’s prestige cuvee La Grande Dame champagne. Their premium bubbly buoys the bar and dinnerware assortment containing six champagne flutes by Riedel along with six drinking tumblers, dinner plates, individual tablecloths and silverware cutlery settings. Cheat sheet place mat not included.

Construction Of The Cabin Bar

This video shows details of how the cabin bar was constructed by Riva and starts out with a breathtaking view of a port on the Italian Riviera. Nestled into the hills along the seaside is a row of their vintage woodys docked alongside each other.

Champagne is poured as cameras pan and zoom in on the La Grande Dame bottle label and the chrome boat trim which leads to the handwritten Aquarama insignia on the hull. The footage transitions to highlight one of Riva’s modern yachts and the story goes full circle back to earlier roots and the nautical inspiration which charted course for the cruising trunk design and the collection as a whole.

The overall shape of the chest is elliptical with a slight curving taper which reduces down from top to bottom. Handcrafted by Italian artisans, the trunk itself is built from fiberglass, mahogany and inlaid sycomore which requires 800 hours to complete the work.

Boat Building Techniques Used In Woodworking Nautical Elements

Close up views document some of the woodworking involved in the handmade settings and shows the pin-striped sycomore inlays being hand scraped flush with the top of mahogany surfaces. Then the lid opens to reveal what’s inside if you were going to customize your own cruise collection.

Dozens of intricately shaped individual wooden pieces are used to form the complex arrangement of compact cabinets, storage cavities and countertops internal to the cabin bar. Silverware drawers house the cutlery, lazy susans hold the bottles of champagne, glasses and plates, while the magnums are safely stored in form fitting racks which nest in a compartment under a lift off wooden cover modeled to resemble a boat hatch.

Metal And Leather Details

Other barware includes a steel ice bucket in the shape of a Reuleaux triangle which as an example for a visual reference is common for guitar picks. Two of the three sides of this bottle well style champagne cooler have leather wrapped handles for lifting in and out of its pocket cutout in the countertop.

Modified Reuleaux triangles, similar to the Wankel engine rotor but exaggerated, form the outline for many of the furniture chest’s other internal features which provides continuity to the curvy design. All of this is tied together with stitched leather accents, chrome plated or stainless hardware and trim elements along with a black high gloss finish.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Box Decked Out Like A Boat

Wooden boat champagne gift box.Another of these two companies collaborations with similar styling is the Riva wooden boat inspired gift box containing a single bottle of 1998 La Grande Dame champagne by Veuve Clicquot. Several sources had its original price listed at $140. Currently unavailable, you’ll have to keep an eye out if interested.

Yacht-see! Wood you like to add anything to your boat bar, on-board or ashore?

(via Veuve Clicquot & Riva)

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