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Nautical Bar At Farmhouse Dreams Of Being At The Beach

Nautical bar in beach chic farmhouse.

Soiree Sells Seashells By The Seashore Scenario

If you already have or dream of having a home on the beach and want a nautical bar to reflect that lifestyle there are essentially three basic ways to go about it. You can have boating, coastal and/or marine features built in, placed on or surrounding your set-up along with any number of combinations in between.

This seashore soiree is in a farmhouse that dreams of being at the beach. The interior wood paneling on the wall behind the bar is a bead-board wainscoting which is painted white to act as a neutral canvas for the artwork that surrounds it.

Black framed paintings of starfish and seashells depict several species of aquatic life found on the beach and in the water that these farmhouse owners wish they could be near. These scenes of the sea could be displayed on a rotating basis much like a gallery does for artist, topical and seasonal exhibits which opens up a lot of options for decor.

Wooden bar serving tray with folding stand.

Seaside Serving Tray Sets The Stage For A Nautical Bar Set-Up

Similar in size to many rolling serving carts, the centerpiece of this nautical bar is the tray stand. The dark stained wooden unit appears to have a base which folds up and a top tray with handles that can be lifted off and used separately if the situation calls for it.

With no wheels, this folding station is sort of a portable sideboard that offers some furniture staging flexibility for parties and a set-up convenience that is somewhere in between a fixed table and a bar cart. It also allows for compact storage when needed as well.

One of the disadvantages to a tray stand, unlike a bar cart or sideboard table, is there is no lower shelf. At least not in this particular design anyway, which is typical for most similar styles, so its capacity is pretty limited.

This bar is fairly well stocked though. With a variety of bottles and a limited assortment of barware, there’s more than enough for a small party. In keeping with the nautical nature of the set-up, it looks like Captain Morgan brought some rum.

Is the beach home to your bar or is your bar home to the beach?

(via sharp’s farm)

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