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Resolution Martini - A Very Resolute Cocktail For New Years Eve

Resolution Martini a.k.a Resolute Cocktail in coupe glass.

A Resolution Martini Pours Some Gin On A Resolute Cocktail

The Resolution Martini, a mixed drink with gin, apricot brandy and lemon juice, has the same ingredients and is essentially identical to the Resolute Cocktail which dates back to at least 1930 when published in the Savoy bartending manual with one exception. The ratios of base spirit to sour to sweet distinguish the two drinks similar to how a real Martini can range from traditional through extra dry, where the Resolution Martini is normally much dryer than the Resolute Cocktail.

If you’re resolute about making and keeping New Year’s resolutions this time the calendar cycles, then both of these drinks would be perfectly themed for your New Year’s Eve party. Actually, they’re pretty good any time of year, so if you ever need to reaffirm your resolve these two tipples are a couple of cocktails to contemplate with.

Resolute Cocktail Mixing Instructions For The Resolution Martini Et Al

Resolute Cocktail Recipe:

  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 oz apricot brandy
  • 1 oz lemon juice

Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with an optional apricot slice or twist of lemon peel.

Resolution Martini Drink Formula:

  • 3 oz gin
  • 1 oz apricot brandy
  • 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

Follow the same drink preparation and mixing instructions for the Resolution Martini as you do for the Resolute Cocktail, just change the measurements. The Resolution appears in 2007 in The Martini Book: 201 Ways to Mix the Perfect American Cocktail by Sally Ann Berk as a 6:2:1 ratio and is arguably a better tasting drink than the Resolute. You’ll have to tend to your bar and judge for yourself though.

If you decide to substitute a sweeter apricot liqueur for the brandy, you may want to swap the sweet & sour and adjust the proportions higher to a 8:2:1 ratio formula [8 parts base spirit (gin), 2 parts sour (lemon juice), 1 part sweet (apricot liqueur)] as recommended in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David A. Embury (1948). It works well for this style.

Similar Drinks And Variations Of The Resolution Martini / Resolute Cocktail

  • Angel Face - gin with both apricot and apple brandies.
  • Belles of St. Mary’s - is a Resolution Martini / Resolute Cocktail with orange liqueur.
  • Bermuda Rose - gin, apricot brandy and grenadine syrup.
  • Boston / Savoy Sea Breeze Cooler - gin, apricot brandy, grenadine and lemon juice.
  • English Rose - a Thanksgiving Special cocktail which adds grenadine as well.
  • La Habana - a Resolution Martini / Resolute Cocktail with lime juice instead of lemon.
  • Mayfair - add a dash of clove syrup to Paradise (Harry Craddock’s adaptation of Robert Vermeire’s 1921 original recipe.
  • Paradise - gin, apricot brandy and orange juice.
  • Pendennis Club - gin, apricot brandy, simple syrup, Peychauds bitters & lime juice.
  • Thanksgiving Cocktail - Resolution / Resolute drink ingredients plus dry vermouth.

If you want to want to mix some champagne cocktails with the same ingredients your already using in the Resolution Martini and Resolute Cocktail for your New Year’s Eve party, try a French 75 or Valencia #2. You’ll need orange juice and orange bitters for the Valencia, but then you’ll be ready for Paradise too.

Happy New Year!

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